What Patio Furniture Is Best for Outdoor Living Spaces?

What Patio Furniture Is Best for Outdoor Living Spaces?

When you’re looking for the best patio furniture, you can be happy with your purchases if you follow two main objectives. One of these is finding the furniture that best expresses your style and works best in your backyard and patio space.  If you don’t yet have a style in mind, not to worry: You can explore our article on 5 of the Top Patio Trends in 2022 for some inspiration. 

The other goal? Finding furniture that will last. In this article, we’ll offer some tips for covering both bases quickly so you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that will suit you and your family for years to come.

Choose High Quality Materials

If you want longevity out of your furniture – and why wouldn’t you? -- materials like wrought iron, aluminum, stainless steel, and wicker are good choices, especially here in Florida. 

Wicker furniture is lightweight and durable, and because of its woven construction, brings a touch of style to any area. All-weather wicker, known as synthetic resin, can withstand the UV rays of the sun and even resist punctures. It can also complement other pieces of furniture that you like the look of, including wrought iron.

Because it’s heavier, wrought iron isn’t great if you’re the type who likes to rearrange seating areas. But if you’re into a just-so arrangement that you can set and be happy with, wrought iron is a good choice because it can withstand some of the harsh weather conditions Florida brings. Just be aware that it will require some care, as it can be prone to rust.

If the look and heft of wrought iron isn’t for you, consider aluminum. Aluminum is great as furniture material because it’s lightweight while also being wind-resistant. And because aluminum can be easily molded during the manufacturing process, you’ll find it used to create a wide range of furniture styles. 

Teak is another great material for furniture because it brings the appeal of wood while also providing years of durability. Teak is a hardwood that holds up to the elements, and can last many decades with just a little care. Plus, teak has a richness and warmth that looks great in the backyard environment. And because it repels water, it won’t easily warp.

Match the Furniture to Your Aesthetic

Now that you know what kind of furniture will hold up, you can focus on choosing the furniture that will work best with your sense of style and each area of your backyard.  For example, the kind of the furniture you’d place on your pool deck will be different from what you’d circle around a fire pit. In the latter space, you’ll need seating that is the right height for conversations.

There are so many options across different materials, you’re bound to find the pieces that strike a chord with your inner designer. You might like the look of sophisticated minimalism, or perhaps you gravitate toward a beachside vibe. We can show you a wide range of chairs, tables, umbrellas, and more that express a variety of styles so that you can find the pieces that work for you.

Choose the Best Patio Furniture

Whatever your tastes, you have plenty of options to choose from at Park Furnishings. Our collections include all kinds of styles, colors, and materials. 

Hesitant about going through this process for the first time? Wish you had the ideal patio décor right now? We can help. Contact us today and let’s start creating a custom look you’ll love.

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