How to Spot Good Quality Furniture

How to Spot Good Quality Furniture

How to Spot Good Quality Furniture. Although some furniture items look good upon first glance or seem like they can be the visual anchors in your rooms, don’t be so quick to bring them home before you shop around a bit. Quality matters when it comes to home décor, so in this article, let’s explore some of the features to look for when you shop for home furnishings.

Go for Real Wood

Whatever you’re buying -- nightstand, dresser, armoire, coffee table – you want something that looks good and will last. Seek out hard wood instead of the mass-produced particle board and press board pieces you find in the large retail box stores. A wood veneer item is acceptable because it’s a step up from the cheaper items because it features good quality wood over a cheaper base. 

Examine the Construction 

If the furniture is held together with staples or nails, move on. Sturdy furniture will include dowels and screws at the joints. 

For sofas, chairs, coffee tables and the like, look for legs that are real wood and heavy enough to withstand years of use.

Choose High Quality Fabric

You expect your chairs and sofas and other seating arrangements to get a lot of use, so choose fabrics with a high thread count. This applies to pillows and cushions, too, which should also be firm and retain their shape.

Try Out the Furniture

Most furniture isn’t just there to look at. They are functional as well: You sit on them or use them to hold accessories like books, lamps, and your favorite knickknacks. A piece that looks good can be a major disappointment if you haven’t already identified its strengths and weaknesses in the store. 

Test the drawers, handles, and doors of each piece by using them repeatedly and gently pressing against them. See if the drawers wobble or open and close unevenly. 

As for chairs and couches, sit in them at different spots. Relax in your most comfortable position, just as you do when at home.  Quality furniture comes at a cost but will last a lifetime. When purchasing quality furniture you will have decades of enjoyment without needing to replace budget furniture options within a couple of years costing you more in the end.

Explore Your Home Design Possibilities at Park Furnishings

Typically, furnishings that are built to last also look better than the inexpensive options.  Keep this in mind, and you’ll find that the extra expense for a well-made piece is worth it. At Park Furnishings, we’ll help show you How to Spot Good Quality Furniture and help find the furniture and accessories that are designed to last for years. 

Have questions or need an expert eye to help you identify the right pieces? We’re here to help. Contact us today.

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