How to Revitalize Your Outdoor Spaces With Accessories

How to Revitalize Your Outdoor Spaces With Accessories

How to Revitalize Your Outdoor Spaces With Accessories

If your patio, pool area, porch or back yard need a new look, there’s a lot you can do to easily transform them. Rugs, pillows, umbrellas: With the right combination of color, size, and texture, you can create areas that reflect your visual style and create a welcoming environment. Our post on Top Outdoor Accessory Trends will give you guidance on how to use color to refresh your outdoor living space.

Bright colors and neutral colors show up very nicely outside in the daylight. Even at dusk and later, the artificial lighting of neutral white and daylight bulbs can achieve a similar effect. Below we offer a few tips that will help set you on the fast track to a new outdoor area.

Fire pit and chairs

There’s a variety of fire pits – and types of fuel -- to choose from, so it’s likely you’ll find the style that works in your back yard. Park Furnishings has fire pits in a variety of shapes and materials, including concrete, iron, and aluminum. Choose from table tops that are round or rectangular, large bowls that have a timeless and stylish look, and pillars that conserve space while delivering a captivating bonfire. We also offer attractive covers for concealing the propane tanks that produce those golden flames. Have your skewers ready, as you’ll be eager to roast marshmallows and hot dogs with family and friends once your new fire pit takes its place in your great outdoors. 


You don’t need a green thumb to enjoy the aesthetics of planters placed strategically around your patio or deck. You’ll even find planters that double as lamps, so they add a welcome and enchanting glow to your evening under the stars. Explore different sizes and colors to find the ones that work on your patio, then position them to create visual order in the space.


You might be happy with your furniture arrangement, but does it still lack for that certain something to make it more appealing? Try adding pillows. With the right size and color, you can create a welcome sense of comfort and contrast. Look for pillows that are stain and water resistant.

Outdoor lighting

How to Revitalize Your Outdoor Spaces With Accessories. String lights, lanterns, traditional and unconventional lamps -- there’s a type of outdoor light just waiting for you to find it. Combine your options while maintaining some decorative restraint, and you will create a space that will make you feel right at home while impressing friends with your sense of style. LED string lights can cast the warm glow of incandescent bulbs or the cool tones of brighter and more vibrant lights.


When you want to bring a room together – coffee table, sofa, and the like – rugs do the job. The same technique applies outside, where you may have similar sets of furniture. Choose rugs that are easy to clean and make your other furniture and décor look like they were always meant to be together.


You just might be relaxing in the rain – and staying dry – with these large umbrellas designed for your patio tables. You’ll also be made in the shade as you’re protected from the sun’s rays. Select rustproof models that come in a variety of colors. Look for those that provide the right amount of protection from the sun and the elements.

Explore your home design possibilities at Park Furnishings

At Park Furnishings, we’ll help show you how to revitalize your outdoor spaces with accessories & find the furniture and accessory collections that are designed to last for years. Visit Park Furnishings to find exterior accessories that will fit your outdoor living space. 

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