How to Furnish or Update an Open Concept Living Space

How to Furnish or Update an Open Concept Living Space

Even if you’ve never heard the term “open concept home,” you’ve probably seen one while searching for decorating ideas online, in a magazine, or while watching a home improvement show. In this layout, one or more rooms – living room, dining room, kitchen – flow together through a single large space without walls.

When traditionally distinct areas are blended into one large area, color can help keep them unified while other elements deliver markers of separation. For example, a neutral color palette will complement features as varied as wood accents, rugs, and furniture. Because the paint acts to unify your rooms, your furnishings and accessories will fulfill the role of adding character to each subsection of the larger space.

Not sure where to begin with decorating an open floor plan? Follow these tips and you’ll find the process is much easier and will yield great results.

What Interior Accessories are Popular in Large Spaces?

Larger spaces can tempt you to “go big” with your interior decorating. However, keep in mind the area’s purpose as you consider large decorative features. Not every wall requires oversized paintings and mirrors.

Lighting, which is functional while adding aesthetic beauty, also helps to define your spaces. Consider a hanging light fixture over the intimate conversation area we described above. This will further define the space and make it a welcoming destination for family and guests. The dining area may benefit from the intimacy of ambient lighting. You’ll be adding character and defining both spaces without losing that sense of freedom that comes with moving through a big space.

Area rugs can also do wonders for marking a space and giving it character. In the open floor plan, the rug is more than an accessory. That intimate nook of chairs and sofas we talked about? Adding a rug can bring together the elements of the section while distinguishing it from the rest of the room. Here, rugs aren’t just aesthetically pleasing; they make their sections feel cozy.

What Kind of Furniture Works in Large Spaces?

When you’re working with an open floor plan, the lack of boundaries can feel daunting because of the possibilities it provides. Embrace the challenge. These expansive areas can also give you the freedom to decorate in ways you couldn’t in rooms divided by walls. 

For example, you don’t have to fill the space up with more furniture. Doing that would just work against a main benefit of the open layout, which invites you to enjoy the spaciousness. 

Instead, think of your open layout as a series of smaller spaces that are waiting for you to find them. Create intimate areas through your furniture arrangement. Bring sofas, chairs, and coffee tables in an area designated for conversations and games. 

Some of the furniture you use now in your home may work in an open concept home. The difference may be in the roles that furniture plays and how the pieces are arranged. For example, your sofa and the table behind it can define one area as separate from another while supporting a seamless transition across sections.

While furniture is a traditional home may call attention to its functionality, in an open concept, they will serve as focal points that define each area. Think of a bar in the dining area and a breakfast nook in the kitchen.

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