How to Decorate for Different Interior Design Styles

How to Decorate for Different Interior Design Styles

There are dozens of styles to consider when decorating the inside of your home. Here we’ll touch on a handful of the most well-known options and what kinds of accessories to match with each.  Some of the most popular additions include pillows, rugs, lighting, artwork, mirrors, vases, and decorative objects.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a good idea of the possibilities for your home, and you’ll have the confidence to take action as you begin your interior decorating project.


The contemporary style focuses on clean lines, whether straight or curved, and can combine classic pieces with modern ones. It’s characterized by a limited, neutral palette but can make use of bold colors for an exciting contrast. Instead of being busy, the contemporary look exudes sophistication and calm.

You can sparingly add accessories that feature vivid colors to create a dynamic contrast with other pieces in the room. Mix in tall, sleek lamps and captivating artwork. Choose items that represent a variety of materials – including wood, stone, metal, and glass. All can work in a contemporary home.


If you think less or more, this style is for you. Clean, clutter-free spaces and neutral colors (or black and white) define this look of simplicity and refinement. Empty spaces are key to the design, as they draw attention to its openness and highlight the bold, sleek furnishings. 

Accessories typically feature neutral colors and clean lines. Look for pieces and fabrics that are elegant and will stand out amidst their surroundings without dominating the area.


Inspired by the European look of the 18th and 19th centuries, the traditional approach works best in homes with crown molding and wainscoting.  If your home already has that classical architecture, chances are you will want to fill it with pieces that are rich in detail, color, and texture. As you survey your space, consider whether ornately-framed mirrors and large paintings in a classical style would work in this setting.


We live in Florida, where a major part of the appeal are the beaches and sunshine. Bring that coastal ambiance indoors. Use a palette of neutrals along with blues, browns, and greens to create a serene atmosphere that is light and airy. Choose colors that look great in natural sunlight. Consider using complementary artwork and pillows to complete the look, along with neutral white or daylight bulbs.

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Keep in mind that these are just a handful of available design styles. There are many more to consider, including transitional, shabby chic, French country, and rustic. Find your style and you can confidently move forward on your interior decorating adventure.

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