Let Us Show You the Top Five Patio Trends of 2022

Let Us Show You the Top Five Patio Trends of 2022

Have you been thinking a lot lately about designing your outdoor patio so that it’s a space to enjoy year-round? If you feel overwhelmed by your options or don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you explore interesting approaches and see some exciting possibilities. 

Below are some of the trends we’re seeing emerge among homeowners in 2022 when it comes to furnishing patios. Keep in mind that the suggestions here aren’t confined to a dedicated patio: You can use our insight to address your entire backyard space.

Neutral, Warm Colors Create an Elegant Atmosphere

Muted tones and colors characterize many of today’s patio furniture options. You have a wide variety of options to choose from as you explore seating, tables, and accessories like rugs and pillows. 

Neutral colors complement a range of styles, including refined and rustic. Regardless of the materials you prefer – rattan, organic fabrics, iron, stainless steel – you’ll find they complement the natural materials that may already be part of your décor, like oak and stone.

If your tastes run toward pastels that capture the sunny vibrance of the Florida lifestyle, those bright hues can have more impact when combined with the calming, subdued look of naturally warm wood elements in your furniture.

Make the Outdoors Reflect Your Indoor Style

Whether your tastes run to coastal, farmhouse, shabby chic, or any of a host of design styles, you can always build your outdoor area to reflect that same aesthetic. This may include adding elements that you haven’t thought of as being the province of patio furniture or patio design. Think of your home’s outdoors as a defined space or a series of defined spaces, just as you would approach your home’s interior. Patio furniture can work in a variety of these spaces – the patio, pool, and near a fire pit. 

Think of what makes you feel relaxed or excited to go outside. If you’re struggling for inspiration, or unsure of which elements will work together, ask for guidance. Skilled professional designers know the value of breaking up a space to make it feel larger and more dynamic. Adding elements like outdoor drapery and ambient lighting to your layout can make your outdoor area feel as welcoming and cozy as you like it.

Stylish Flooring

When we think of patios, we may think of the layout and the furniture. But you’ll expand your design possibilities when you realize that the floor under those pieces of also important. Just as a bold throw rug under the coffee table can transform your living room, it can do the same for your outdoor gathering spot. 

If you have wood deck that is whitewashed, gray, or lighter wood, you can use a rug (or rugs) for a burst of color that adds just the right of excitement to the area. Or, you may just want to complement the space with a light beige rug that brings the entire area together as one relaxed space. At Park Furnishings, we carry rugs that come in a wide array of colors and textures. Explore then at your leisure and see which ones best reflect the ambiance you want to create. 

Soft Textures and Shapes

To these spaces you might want to add furniture with curves, which is another trend we’re seeing in 2022. The soft, rounded shapes of curved furniture pair well with the natural elements of your back yard while also contrasting with the straight lines of outdoor decks and patio walls. In the collections of the many manufacturers we work with, you’ll find a variety of loungers that are designed for the pool and express this curve appeal. 

Curved forms are also a way to add contrast to the straight lines of accent tables. See what happens when you pair round rattan chairs with a square wood coffee table. You might choose egg chairs and fabric patterns that are soft but different from the traditional palm trees and flowers. Or, you may want to combine the furniture with fun rugs that add a touch of liveliness. 

When combined with warm tones and natural textures, these curves can create inviting spaces that are ideal for holding relaxed conversations or enjoying a coffee and a good book on your patio. 

Furnish Your Outdoor Area

Whether you like a relaxed and refined seating area that reflects California wine country, or a look that captures the luxury of island life, or you have something completely different in mind, you have plenty of styles, colors, and materials to choose from at Park Furnishings. 

When designing your ideal look, keep in mind Rome wasn’t built in a day. It may take some time to come up with the combination of elements that is just what you’re looking for.

To speed up this process, schedule a design session with us. We’ll show you a wide variety of styles, including modular pieces that let you change the arrangement as the mood strikes.

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